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Boart Longyear LF-90

The LF-90 is boartlongyearlf90one of the most productive exploration drills in its class. Ideal for all types of traditional core drilling, its unique features make difficult jobs attainable. This drill features a larger power pack, increasing its depth capacity to 930 m/2950ft. Our specialized LF-90's come complete with a track and/or truck mounts to easily access the most locations.

Basic Data

  • Depth capacity 900 m (2950 ft)
  • Hydraulic rod making and breaking
  • Independent dual hydraulic mast raising cylinders
  • Hydraulic mast dumping capability up to 2,340 mm (92in)
  • Hydraulic, telescopic, 6 m (20 ft) pull mast for ease of setup
  • 7,258 kg (16,000) lb) capacity mainline hoist
  • Field Proven, patented, nitrogen gas spring Nitro-Chuck
  • High drilling torque for productive drilling at depth