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Timberline Drilling, Inc. specializes in underground drilling in support of active mining operations and mine development projects. Founded in 1996 and based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, our company is built on a heritage of excellence, industry knowledge and technical expertise. We’re also widely recognized for our strong commitment to safety, environmental stewardship and community values. Our goal is to provide maximum returns on our clients’ investments while maintaining an unparalleled level of customer service.

Part of this service includes a no-cost walk-through of every job site to analyze every aspect of a project to help you develop the most cost-effective drill plan solutions.  We then implement those plans using only the best drilling rigs run by highly skilled and experienced crews. Combine these strengths with our commitment to safety, community and the environment, and you’ll see why Timberline should be your  "Driller of Choice."

The management team at Timberline Drilling, led by President Martin Lanphere and General Manager John Dietel, is refocusing the corporate culture with an emphasis on improving U.S. operational performance. With commodity prices strong and the drilling business correspondingly robust, the Company expects substantially improved financial performance from its U.S. drilling operations going forward.

Why Timberline Drilling?

Efficient - We analyze every aspect of a project to ensure our clients get the most cost-effective solutions possible.

Safety - We take extreme pride in maintaining the highest safety standards and being a leader in safety.

Green - We realize the importance of being environmentally sensitive and take large strides to implement eco-friendly strategies in all our operations.

Walk the Walk - We do a no-cost “walk through” of the job site to get a proper analysis and help you devise the most appropriate drill plan.

Relationships - Our team is dedicated to becoming your “Driller of Choice” and highly values customer service and catering to every aspect of a client’s needs.

Logistics - Our president has a background in military logistics, meaning we can handle virtually any job, no matter what the challenges might be.

Equipment and Crew - We use only the very best drilling equipment combined with highly experienced and skilled crews that deliver the most cost-effective, high-value operations available.